About PCCP

The Peace Church Compliance Program (PCCP) assists nonprofit organizations with the implementation and support of compliance and ethics programs, HIPAA privacy and security, and risk management programs. PCCP specializes in developing programs that are scaled to an organization’s size and resources and customized to its individual risks, regulatory and licensure requirements and needs.

Our Compliance and Risk team members have a broad range of educational backgrounds and experience in post-acute care services. This enables them to provide organizations with the guidance they need to successfully implement the programs they elect to join and support today’s complex regulatory, compliance, and legal environment.

Each program we offer is based upon principles of collaboration with the sharing of best practices among participants. Our various services reach organizations in 15 states.

Our Background

In 1998, PCCP was initially developed by a group of Quaker organizations under Friends Services for the Aging (FSA) as a response to the federal government’s initiatives related to fraud, waste, and abuse. This group of organizations created a collaborative program with a shared compliance process which has continued to successfully provide compliance services, resources, and programs to nonprofit organizations.

In 2002, PCCP began to serve organizations that are affiliated with the Fellowship of Brethren Homes and Mennonite Health Services. Later, we expanded services to include a Risk Management Program. In 2008, PCCP services became available to all faith-based, nonprofit organizations.