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We polled staff at each and every FSA member organization to see what stood out for them most last year. The answers varied, but one thing was for certain: staff members sure are proud of what's happening at their organizations! Below are some highlights.

Tell us about an act of kindness you witnessed at your organization.

  • "We have not one, but two, housekeepers who go above and beyond. Not only do they complete their housekeeping tasks in a professional and competent manner, they chat with residents and show them dignity, respect and friendliness. They will talk sports, ask about grandchildren, or just comment on the weather. How wonderful that our residents have these simple but essential connections as a part of their day."

  • "This year again we have partnered with Aid for Friends Holiday Gift Project to distribute generous gifts to their clients. This volunteer organization provides home-cooked meals, friendly visiting and emergency financial assistance to isolated, handicapped and frail elderly so that they may maintain their independence and continue to live in their homes. Members who wanted to participate in this project, were invited to bring new, unwrapped gifts to the party, including nightwear, bedding, long underwear, sweat suits, sweaters and toiletries, or a monetary donation to provide holiday plants."

  • "One of our independent living residents had a time of need recently when her apartment flooded due to an issue with the water pressure and her hot water heater. A lot of personal clothes were on the floor and had gotten wet which were in need of sorting, washing, and drying in an effort to not allow mold to set in. This seemed to be a task that fell in that zone of, “Whose job is it?” but a housekeeper took the lead and settled that quickly by helping the resident with not only the concern of wet clothes, but also helping her move out temporarily and then back home when maintenance was done 2 days later. This individual exemplifies the true meaning of why we as staff are here: to help residents during their time of need, no matter what the cause may be."

What is your organization doing to help the environment?

  • "We are upgrading major portions of our campus to LED lighting fixtures."

  • "Collaborating with the local high school to ensure Hess Creek Canyon includes only native species."

  • "We purchased and installed two electric car charging stations in our parking garage for residents and staff to use."

  • "Encouraging staff and residents to use compostable containers for carryout meals and beverages. They are returned to the kitchen for composting when done. Special bags for food scraps are also made available and can be turned in to dining services to be added to compost materials."

What is your favorite event?

  • "My favorite event is when it snows…it is a great example of how we are a community.  Everyone goes out of their way to help each other. Staff members make it a priority to come to work (or spend the night if they need to) because they know that the residents rely on them.  They deliver food, clear roads and sidewalks, plus all the tasks that need to happen all the time, all while maintaining their positive approach." 

  • "This year's annual Fall Ball, organized by six Penn State University (PSU) students. There was something for everyone. Some highlights: a variety of couple and solo dances for both standing and sitting participants...square dancing and a mixer. Some special features this year were a student-led sing-a-long version of “Sweet Caroline” and a familiar PSU cheer. Many independent living and health care residents came to the event, and many described it as the most fun they had all year. The students had a blast as well, including Penn State Football stars KJ Hamler and Journey Brown, who were given permission to miss practice to attend the big event!"

  • "At last year's annual culinary-themed fundraiser, we held a Special Appeal to renovate the kitchen in our residential hospice pavilion, which has seven beds. The renovations were completed in September 2019, and included new appliances, flooring, cabinets, counters, and lighting. Every Tuesday morning, two dedicated volunteers bring supplies and cook breakfast for all who are hungry. Aromas of pancakes, bacon and muffins fill the pavilion, offering comfort and evoking memories of home. Last year, a grateful daughter sent a donation twenty years after her father was in the hospice pavilion, and reminisced about how she was offered homemade soup and freshly baked cookies prepared in the kitchen. The kitchen is a place connected to many happy memories: birthdays, holidays and celebrations; lazy Sunday morning brunches, after-school snacks and cups of coffee with friends."

  • "The 15th Annual Best of Friends Award Ceremony. This important award reflects the importance of the (organization’s mission) to help people remain in their home as they age. During the ceremony, a group of exceptional home health care aides were recognized and rewarded for their significant contribution to the well-being of members. People are often challenged by significant health concerns as they age in their own homes. The winners of a Best of Friends Award are actually nominated by the very people whom they serve as caregivers. A common theme found in these nominations is that these caregivers consider their work to be a compassionate 'calling,' not just a job." 

What's going on at your organization? We love hearing about your stand out moments! Click here to answer some of the questions that we came up with. If you don't see a question that highlights your stand out moment submit your own!

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