Meet the Board: Dan Murray, Board Chair

Meet the FSA Board

Dan Murray, CEO Pennswood Village

Dan Murray, FSA Board Chair
CEO, Pennswood Village

When Dan Murray graduated from college with his Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, he knew he didn’t want to work at a CPA firm. The long hours and unpredictability did not appeal to him, so he took advice from his father that would form the basis for his career: he sought out a position within the more stable industry of healthcare.

Murray took a few positions in the field, and wound up working for a company that outsourced financial services for Friends Village at Woodstown in Woodstown, NJ. Soon after, he took a position there, beginning his 15-year tenure for the organization. “I walked into the healthcare world and grew from within,” he says.

Through the years, Murray has seen a shift in senior living. Mounting paperwork and increased regulations have complicated roles. Shorter hospital stays and the desire to age in place for as long as possible mean that incoming residents often need more medical support from their retirement communities than in the past.

Things have changed for him, too. He transitioned from Friends Village CFO to CEO, and this January moved into the role of CEO for Pennswood Village in Newtown, PA.

One thing remains the same: Murray has recognized the value of his relationship with FSA from the start. “I essentially grew up in FSA. It seems like one minute I was new, and the next minute (my colleagues) were all retiring.”  The collaboration and openness among peers is something Murray has enjoyed for years. “We don’t have a corner on religion. But our approach is different.”

The values-based approach of FSA member organizations is not typical, says Murray. “You don’t have to be Quaker to work or live here, but instead embrace its influence in the way you go about your day.” This applies to all members of the community: staff, residents, board and beyond.

FSA member organizations are bonded by this lifestyle and their shared vision for resident care, but their approaches vary, according to Murray. Paired with their collaborative spirit, this means that even though many of them are geographically close, they don’t view one another as competitors.

“(FSA CEO) Jane has fostered a culture of collaboration. She has made it okay to talk about the issues and concerns we all face,” he says. “FSA continues to show us that by working together, we can help each other.”

Murray has been chair of the FSA board since 2017. He lives in Maple Glen with his wife of 25 years, Theresa, whom he met on the first day of orientation at the University of Scranton, Scranton, PA. He has three children: Katherine, Daniel and Rachel.

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