What The Lion King has in common with FSA Peer Groups.

What The Lion King has in common with FSA Peer Groups.

“Pink pajamas penguins at the bottom. Pink paja-“

Oh... you mean those aren’t the words to the song at the beginning of The Lion King?

In the latest iteration of revamped childhood movies, Disney roared its way on screen with a computer-generated imagery version of The Lion King. The story in this new version is similar to the cartoon, with a valuable message about real life. While it’s not always realistic to “Hakuna Matata” most issues we encounter – there is a lesson to be gleaned from that “problem-free philosophy.” Finding others to connect with makes life easier.

But what does that have to do with FSA Peer Groups?

Easy – a bunch of critters (or people, in our case), with different histories, strengths, weaknesses and personalities find themselves in the same role. Our favorite childhood characters have to draw from each other to find solutions to the problem (the film’s antagonist, Scar, and his hyena pals) and save the Pride Lands.

You are the lion.

In peer groups, we come together to ask the questions we can’t ask anyone else. Like the Simba, we can call on Timon, Pumbaa and Rafiki. We are able to ask for input from people who are in the same job, or who have more experience in the field. We have the space to connect with someone who “gets it.”

Even better: like Nala calling on the Lionesses, we can add them to our emergency contact list for when we need that extra backup or are really stuck.

Peer groups offer us the opportunity to step away from the day-to-day of our offices and connect with others. They give us the chance to pause and tackle some of the questions we have about our jobs - and maybe even ourselves.

And while we may not be lucky enough to have Beyonce sing-narrate our day-to-day lives - sometimes you just need to be in the presence of your pride to get the job done.

Spring Peer Group registration is now open.

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