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About FSA

Friends Services for the Aging (FSA) was founded in 1991 as a mechanism to support Quaker-affiliated organizations providing services to older adults. Today, our membership also includes foundations, programs and individual supporters.

FSA facilitates collaboration among its membership in a number of ways: staff training and development, affinity groups, marketing, referrals, planning, and other joint efforts. Click here for a full list of member organizations and contact information.

Our Mission:

Advancing excellence through shared commitment to Quaker values, innovative solutions, and collaborative initiatives.

Our Values:

Friends Values: FSA honors That of God in all persons. Friend’s values of respect, stewardship, integrity, community, equality, and openness to the leadings of the Spirit form the strong foundation for all work within FSA. FSA joins in the long Friends traditions of inclusiveness, working for social justice, and respecting differences in the human family.

  • Collaboration: The spirit of collaboration is the essence of FSA’s work—the hallmark of its internal relationships and its external partnerships.
  • Responsiveness: FSA demonstrates a nimble capacity to facilitate timely consultation, exploration, continuous revelation, learning, and innovation around key challenges facing its members.
  • Partnership: FSA and its member organizations are vigorous partners with others in the professional field, as well as active participants in the life of the wider Religious Society of Friends and its meetings and churches.

The members of Friends Services for the Aging believe that their communities and services are enriched by diversity within their organizations. Their Quaker values lead to a policy of inclusion, of seeking out diversity, and of nondiscrimination.

Our commitment to diversity flows from our common Quaker identity and values. Friends believe that each human life is sacred—that there is “that of God” in every person. This conviction has led to more than three centuries of Quaker action to promote equality, respect for differences, and the dignity of all people.

FSA member organizations are committed to making their services to the aging a part of this heritage.