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  • Friends Services for the Aging (FSA) is an association of Quaker-affiliated organizations and programs united by their Quaker values and continuing efforts to serve older adults on the basis of Friends’ belief in the dignity of all people. Learn more about our member organizations, their products and the wide array of services they offer.



      2017 CEO Peer Group/FSA Board Joint Meeting
      How to Analyze Options to Affiliation Jim Bodine, Executive Vice President, H. J. Sims &am
      Wed, Sep. 27 2017
      2017 Annual Meeting
      FSA 2017 Annual Meeting Activities Kendal~Crosslands Communities in Kennett
      Thu, Sep. 28 2017
      2017 Annual Meeting Educational Training
      How to Create a Thinking Environment Marsha Wesley Coleman, Director of Leadership And Dev
      Fri, Sep. 29 2017
      Located at Pennswood Village. Please click the title above for more information or Wed, Oct. 11 2017