Session 1: FSA Compliance Resident Assessment Instrument Process and Skilled Medicare Refresher Course

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Resident Assessment Instrument Process and Skilled Medicare Refresher Course
Session 1: Care Area Assessment Completion & Care Planning Process – Review and Application

Learn about the Regulatory/Resident Assessment Instrument (RAI) Manual Requirements & Care Area Assessment (CAA) Purpose, and gain an understanding of how to apply the CAA Process–including how to comprehensively complete CAA Assessments.Together, we will examine and understand the relationship and process from Minimum Data Set (MDS) → CAA → Care Plan completion.

Who should attend: 

  • MDS Coordinators
  • DON
  • IDT team, including:  Nurse Managers, Dieticians, Activities, Therapy and Social Services staff

Exclusively for FSA Compliance Partners.

    Free. Virtual via Zoom

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