When Cultures Meet

When Cultures Meet (WCM) is a workshop designed to reflect on the nature of cultural dynamics in organizations.  This is an upbeat, fast-paced way of getting into sensitive topics affecting every organization, based on theories from Barry Oshry.  A non-punitive program, WCM doesn't assume that anyone is right or wrong. Rather, this workshop demonstrates that there are certain predictable dynamics that are set in motion by cultural difference and gives participants a greater appreciation for cultural difference with insight into the ways in which differences add to organizational effectiveness. This workshop can also be held privately at your organization. Contact us to learn more!

*6.5 Continuing Education Credits (NAB) are offered for this workshop. 

For more information visit: https://www.powerandsystems.com/workshops-certifications/merging-cultures.html

In August 2019, Marsha Wesley Coleman delivered the "When Cultures Meet" workshop for New Hope Maui in Wailuku, HI, as part of the Power + Systems Worldwide Week of Partnership. During this special event, Power + Systems makes its resources more accessible to nonprofits by conducting pro bono workshops in support of the efforts of educational, charitable, service and advocacy organizations in communities across the world. The goal of these events is to enhance the effectiveness of these organizations by increasing mutual understanding, respect, and cooperation both within these organizations and with the people they serve.

When Cultures Meet Group Photo
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