FSA Fast Takes Video Training Tools

FSA Fast Takes Videos

Bite-sized Training Videos for staff, residents, clients and beyond.

These short videos were designed to support employee training, resident and client orientation or discussion groups. Watch the video, then use the included Discussion Guide to aid in your conversation and promote further thinking.

The series covers topics we hear about most from our membership: diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging; conflict; and best practices in governance.
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Quaker Connection Video Series

Quaker Connection Videos

Are you in search of tools to explain how your Quaker values-rooted organization is unique? 

The Quaker Connection Video Series offers perspectives on living and working in an organization rooted in Quaker values, as told through conversations with lifelong Friends Jane Mack, President/CEO for FSA, and David Jones, retired Vice President of Development for The Kendal Corporation. 

Designed for board members, residents, clients and staff of Quaker values-aligned senior care providers, these short videos and their accompanying reflection questions explore the history, beliefs and practices of the Religious Society of Friends.

1. Quaker History and Beliefs: An Overview

2. Quaker Principles | SPICES

3. Quakers as Change Agents

4. Collaborative Decision Making Part 1: An Overview

5. Collaborative Decision Making Part 2: Role of Participants

6. Collaborative Decision Making Part 3: Role of Facilitator/Chair/Clerk

7. Quaker Values in the Lives of Our Organizations

8. Frequently Asked Questions about Quakerism