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Barclay Intern Chanin Jung
Photo (L to R): Chanin Jung and Elsa Haile, Recreation Director.

Chanin Jung received her undergraduate degree from Sungshin Women's University in South Korea, but chose to embark on a new adventure to pursue her graduate studies. She headed to America for the first time to complete her Masters in Music Performance at West Chester University. This was daunting as Chanin did not know a single soul in America and English was not her native language.

Fortunately, her professor introduced her to a unique internship opportunity where she is able to perform music in exchange for room and board. The opportunity to live on Barclay Friends’ campus has been a comfort as Chanin lived with her grandmother in South Korea and was close to her.  She enjoyed the intergenerational home and was excited for the opportunity to learn from elders.

As the Student in Residence, Chanin, a violinist, plays classical music and hosts concerts with her classmates. She performs for personal care residents as well as memory and skilled care, allowing her to meet many different residents. Jung says, “I try to be helpful where it is needed, from arts and crafts to programming for the internal tv station. Most importantly, I try to remember all of the residents’ names who attend my concerts.”

The residents have embraced Chanin and appreciate the extra attention she gives, such as writing residents’ names in Korean for the dining room and walking with them to and from recreational programs. She plays American music even when it is not familiar to her and her willingness to accommodate requests underscores a desire to learn and improve herself.

When asked what she has gained the most form the experience, Chanin replied, “I learn about love and to appreciate each moment I have with the residents, as life is not infinite.”