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Kendal at Oberlin
College Village

Oberlin College Village

As part of their property plan, the community at Kendal at Oberlin is always looking to protect their surroundings by preserving green space as well as seeking opportunities to grow. They just expanded in an unexpected way. After years of eyeing an adjacent low-income housing property, it went on the market in November and they worked quickly to purchase by the end of the year. There are six buildings encompassing 46 units that are currently occupied by residents of all ages, including young families who will remain in place. 

The organization’s purpose for the purchase is to help increase affordable housing for seniors and families. In support of this, they hope to enhance the current outdoor living space with new playgrounds and establish an upgraded outdoor meeting space for residents of all ages to enjoy. As units turn over, Kendal at Oberlin will make them available to their workforce as well as to seniors. The first floor units will be exclusively for seniors to aid in the ease of access.

Kendal at Oberlin has always had a neighborly relationship with the current residents, and they hope to continue this relationship by opening their doors to the public. Programs and events such as community socials, seminars and workshops and the pool (weather permitting and when COVID restrictions are lifted) have been open to the Oberlin area citizens. As the new residents participate and engage in more activities, they will be integrated into the community and feel as though they are members of the Kendal family.

Inheriting this new community supports the greater need of providing affordable housing in the town of Oberlin. According to CEO Barbara Thomas, “We are excited for this opportunity that enables us to expand our campus footprint, welcome additional members of the Oberlin community and learn the ropes of the much-needed affordable housing."