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Meet Taimi Ando

Taimi Ando FSA Intern
L to R: Barclay Friend's Taimi Ando, Sous Chef Rey Suazo and Executive Chef Stephanie Tolson

As a Penn State University student majoring in hospitality management, Taimi Ando was leaning towards the traditional route—to work in the hotel and restaurant industry. However, an FSA internship introduced him to a possible career path in an industry that was not top of mind.

Taimi was a hospitality intern in the summer of 2014 at an FSA member organization, Kendal at Hanover. He had an in-depth experience working in multiple departments including culinary, environmental services and facilities. The experience was different than the traditional hotel industry. He felt the “home” environment and the sense of community as he was able to build relationships with the residents.

As an intern, Taimi worked closely with then Culinary Director, Ben Butler. His connection with Ben led him to his next “home,” where he served as the Culinary Manager at Collington for five years under Ben’s guidance. Taimi recently transitioned to a new Kendal Corporation community, Barclay Friends, serving as the Director of Culinary Services. He is responsible for the entire culinary operations, managing 30 employees. Although Collington and Barclay are both affiliates of the Kendal Corporation, they each have their unique characteristics while still adhering to their Quaker values. These values and the opportunity to serve and foster resident relationships are reasons why Taimi continues his journey working in senior living with The Kendal Corporation.

Taimi is grateful for Jane Mack, President/CEO, who first interviewed him for the FSA internship in 2014. FSA has opened doors and served as a bridge to the senior living sector where he has spent the last six years.