Diversity Peer Group

Earlier this month, a group of FSA members gathered with co-facilitators Marsha Wesley Coleman and consultant Michael Gagné to talk about their organizations’ efforts to implement diversity programming. Gagné presented the following guidelines to assist organizations.

Framework for Positive Social Change:

  • Have a Plan – The plan should be formed by data and a participatory process.
  • Leadership – Leadership must be passionate, aligned and diverse in all ways including perspective, staff, and experience. It is key that they can be held accountable. This accountability includes not operating in a bubble. It is also important to have staff devoted specifically to diversity and inclusion.
  • HR and Policy Changes – Work on relationship building in different communities. Find new ways to manage conflict including finding ways to turn conflict into educational opportunities. There should be ongoing HR and Personal Development training on diversity and inclusion.
  • Financial Model – Grapple with assumptions and realities associated with race and class, including education. Recognize that different types of residences may exclude certain types of people.
  • Education and Training – Educational and Training opportunities should be ongoing and experiential. These should include history and prompt meaningful dialogue. Many times bringing an outside facilitator or speaker may offer a new perspective or unbiased navigator.
  • Marketing – Understanding the narrative that is being described or pictured by the current marketing strategy. Use Quakerism as a strength to highlight the importance of the values, particularly Equality.
  • Design – New building/dining rooms may unconsciously create exclusivity among residents and staff. Find ways that different types of people and staff can eat or be together.

Join us for the next Diversity Peer Group meeting on October 18, 2019 at Foulkeways at Gwynedd. Questions? Email us.

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