Diversity Builds Strong Communities

Our ability to reach unity in diversity will be the beauty and the test of our civilization. ~Mahatma Gandhi

As member organizations seek to understand and foster conversation about diversity and inclusion, FSA has aimed to support their efforts from a perspective anchored in values. To underscore our commitment, we have offered several workshops and partnered with members to facilitate conversations in order to understand diversity, equity and inclusion.
In June and July, nearly 200 participants joined in a Virtual Community Gathering to discuss “Race in America.” FSA members were able to pause, reflect and engage in meaningful dialogue about race in America through the lens of Quaker values. In addition, FSA offers tools and resources for members to initiate race conversations that incorporates the Quaker Values.

Many FSA member organizations have concentrated on diversity efforts throughout the years.  Here are a few shared in the Diversity Peer Group.  We welcome you to join us for the next peer group on Ouch that Stereotype Hurts on February 25.

Broadmead has been proactive in addressing this issue with diversity training, lectures and programs that are accessible for residents and staff. Open Forums; Moments of Silence, Reflection, and Dialogue; and a Space to Exhale are platforms that have initiated conversations about race, privilege, difference, the messages about racism taught in childhood, and how to make communities truly diverse and welcoming. Broadmead recently was named a recipient of the Chesapeake Human Resources Association James W. Rouse Diversity Award. The award is presented annually to local organizations that best exemplify cultures and environments of acceptance and inclusion.

Foulkeways at Gwynedd has an organizational diversity committee comprised of representatives from their Board, administration, staff and residents. The inception of this committee can be attributed to a group of residents who expressed the desire for more diversity on campus. The Diversity Committee aims to foster stronger relationships with the increasingly diverse population that lives and works in our area, to increase staff and resident understandings of different traditions and perspectives, and to foster development of shared values. Foulkeways at Gwynedd has supported their goals by hosting cultural diversity workshops and events. 

Jayne Carter, HR Director at Friends Life Care Partners, attributes participation in the open conversations has helped Friends Life Care continue to define, learn and refine our diversity, equality and inclusion practices.

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