Programs & Services

Programs and Services

Membership in FSA means access to an ever-evolving selection of programs and services, including:

Board Development

An array of services for boards of FSA member organizations, facilitated by our team of board experts and at times offered in collaboration with Mennonite Health Services Alliance and Fellowship of Brethren Homes. Services include:

  • Determining roles and responsibilities of a nonprofit board
  • Facilitating retreats
  • Consulting with individual boards on issues of concern to them, including succession planning, recruitment, board chair/CEO partnerships, and board orientation
  • Interpreting and training for values-based governance
  • Convening collaborative sessions for board members across FSA member organizations, with particular focus on best practices in nonprofit governance and Quaker governance

Compliance & Privacy

Complete compliance and HIPAA privacy services for long-term care. The FSA-administered Peace Church Compliance Program provides these services on a contractual basis to faith-based nonprofit organizations.

Consulting Assistance from FSA Peers

Peer-to-peer consultation in many forms, including biannual peer groups, roundtable discussions, an online community and more. FSA staff are also available to directly provide information, referrals, and knowledgeable consultation.


Access to a number of insurance programs:
         * Friends Workers Compensation Collaborative, a self-owned and governed program, is open to Pennsylvania members only.

FSA, in conjunction with the Mennonite and Brethren associations, offers three captive insurance companies:
         * Peace Church Risk Retention Group (PCRRG) liability insurance
         * Peace Church Health Insurance Program (PCHIP) health insurance
         * Peace Church Workers Safety Program (PCWSP) nationwide workers compensation insurance.
         These programs are member-owned and partially self-insured.
         * Peace Church Property Insurance Trust (PCPIT) group purchase property, auto and crime insurance program.
         Peace Church programs are managed by and offered through Resource Partners.

Marketing and Information & Referral

 FSA offers co-op marketing and advertising for members as well as a referral service for individual consumers who need advice. The referral service helps callers to define their needs and steers them in appropriate directions.

Quaker Orientation

Help for organizations to introduce staff members to how Quaker values, beliefs, history and practices may be manifested in the culture of the organization. Workshops are held two times/year in the greater Philadelphia area. The program also can be presented on-site to organizations at a distance or wanting to engage a larger group in the process. Board members are welcome and separate sessions for boards can be scheduled.

Risk Management

A collaborative approach to risk management in all areas of an organization. Part of FSA’s Peace Church Compliance Program, this program is open to nonprofit senior care organizations.

Staff Training and Development

A variety of skill-based workshops focused on topics such as constructive communication, conflict management, and valuing differences. FSA staff is also available to travel to member organizations to provide staff training on a wide array of issues including: communication, core values, or other areas identified by individual organizations. Sessions can involve residents.

Written Resources

FSA publishes a Guide to Quaker Services for the Aging.

Please contact the FSA office for further information or to discuss any of the services listed above.