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Cultural Iceberg

Cultural Iceberg (Video)

What comes to mind when you think of "culture?" Is it the way someone dresses or speaks? FSA | Friends Services Alliance introduces the concept of the...

Diversity & Inclusion
Managing Microaggressions with CLCE

Managing Microaggressions with CLCE (Video)

When you experience microaggressions, try using a mindfulness strategy to help cope. FSA | Friends Services Alliance describes CLCE, a strategy...

Ladder of Inference

Ladder of Inference (Video)

The Ladder of Inference is a model of the steps we use to make sense of how we act or react to certain situations. In this video, FSA examines how the...

Board Job Description (Video)

Creating a board job description helps its members focus on their unique role, and measure whether they are meeting the goals set by the organization...

Board Member Individual Job Description

Board Member Individual Job Description (Video)

Having a high-functioning board of directors starts with the recruitment of great individual members. Start that process with an individual job...

Board & Organizational Development

Board Engagement (Video)

Having a productive and actively engaged board of directors is a gift to any organization. How can an organization measure the engagement of its board...

Board & Organizational Development

Responding to Concern (Video)

How should a board member respond to an employee or service recipient's concern or complaint? Carefully! As a board member, your desire to help could...

Board & Organizational Development
Board Self-Assessment

Board Self-Assessment (Video)

Model board practices include an organization's board periodically holding up a mirror to assess its own performance. Jane Mack, CEO for FSA | Friends...

Board & Organizational Development
Board Meeting Evaluations

Board Meeting Evaluations (Video)

Evaluating nonprofit board meetings is an important quality improvement measure. Jane Mack, CEO for FSA | Friends Services Alliance, explores the...

Risk Management
Risk Management
Risk Management

Investigation Policy and Guidelines

These documents are designed assist with work flow processes in PEER; it contains the policy template for reporting events in PEER, establishing an...