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Risk Management Education | Additional Educational Topics

On-site or Virtual Sessions

Marketing Risks

There are many risks that can arise from marketing materials, from brochures, to websites, to FAQs. This training will help your marketing team and risk management committee understand what those risks are, how to avoid them and ways to market successfully while mitigating risk. BASIC

New Construction, New Risks

Construction and renovations on your campus can cause significant risk to residents, staff, visitors and third parties. Understand the risks and efforts that should be undertaken by the organization, even when there is a third party involved, to minimize the potential liability that can arise. BASIC

Volunteer Protection Act: A Brief Overview

It is helpful for Volunteer Coordinators to understand the Federal Volunteer Protection Act, which was designed to encourage volunteerism by shielding organizations and volunteers from liability. This session will explain the Act, how it applies and what its exceptions are.  BASIC

Abuse and Neglect Investigations

Focused training for all staff on defining and understanding abuse, neglect and misappropriation, reporting requirements, and how investigations are conducted. Meets new Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) requirements and uses case studies to promote staff understanding. INTERMEDIATE

Creating a Workplace Violence Prevention Program

If your community is considering a workplace violence and harassment prevention program, this training for leadership will outline what it means, providing startling statistics on healthcare workplace violence, including its definition and examples, and details on the elements of a workplace violence prevention program. INTERMEDIATE

Minimizing Risks for Private Duty Aides

Residents often bring private duty aides into all levels of care, often without the knowledge of the community. Learn how to mitigate the risks that arise from this practice with information on the issues that can be caused and practical tips on handling the use of private duty aides.  INTERMEDIATE

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