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Risk Management Education | Investigating Events

On-site or Virtual Sessions

Investigation 101: Think Like an Investigator

We often tell staff that all events must be thoroughly investigated to determine what occurred and how to prevent a reoccurrence. This training is split into two parts, first for those who are first on the scene, second for “persons of first authority,” or the managers who then investigate. BASIC

Investigation 101 for Clinical Staff

A session geared toward those clinical staff investigating events, including additional steps that should be taken based on the type of event being investigated.  BASIC

Investigating Independent Living & Visitor Falls

Train staff on techniques and documentation needed when investigating falls for Independent Living residents and visitors, each of which can present high-risk liability situations. This session covers what staff should be looking for, and how to appropriately document findings.  INTERMEDIATE

Conducting Interviews and Preparing Statements

Train leaders investigating events how to conduct interviews and understand when statements are needed. This session covers types of witnesses, gathering information, witness lists and interviews, plus when and how to obtain statements and how they impact liability. ADVANCED

A Deep Dive Into Investigations

A more advanced training covering how to conduct a post-event investigation, including collecting evidence and documentation. There will be a focus on falls, unknown bruises/skin tears and elopements. ADVANCED


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