Risk Management Education | Prevention and Documentation

On-site or Virtual Sessions

Effective Handling of Complaints and Adverse Events

Understand the risk management implications and proper handling of complaints, concerns and communication among staff, third-party providers, and residents/families. We will also focus on communication in disclosing adverse events to families and residents. BASIC

Risk Management 101: You are a Risk Manager

Your risk management program is only as strong as the weakest link. Every staff member must know the risks of senior living, how to manage and report them, what the risk management team does, and why they should care about risk management and a culture of safety. BASIC

Documenting to Defend

This session focuses on how to chart to defend the organization and healthcare provider while providing high-quality care. Please note that the content of this session should not be considered legal advice. INTERMEDIATE

Resident Charts: Preparing for Litigation

The chart is often the most important piece of evidence in litigation and can help fend off—or cause—a  lawsuit. It may also be the difference between successfully defending a case or having to settle it. Understand how to be prepared and how to ensure the chart is your friend when a lawsuit looks imminent.  INTERMEDIATE

Documentation of Records: Risk and Compliance Perspectives

A broad-based look at chart documentation from a risk/liability, and compliance perspective. We will review methods of documentation using specific examples. ADVANCED

Your Role in Preventing Medication Errors

Medication errors in healthcare present a significant risk to residents. This session focuses on why they occur, how to report and prevent them, and best practices. We encourage your pharmacy consultant to co-present on this session.  ADVANCED


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