Video Reflection Questions: Collaborative Decision Making Part 1

Collaborative Decision Making Part 1:  Overview

Concepts Covered

  • Origins, foundations of collaborative decision-making–led to a decision by the Spirit.
  • Truth can come from any individual, and all are encouraged to speak.
  • Sense of the meeting = unity (not unanimity) = consensus.
  • Secular organizations use these principles, including some with no connection to Quakers.
  • Strength of decision: group participants all agree on a way forward.
  • Importance of staying in relationship.
  • Essential to have clarity about who is responsible for the decision–difference between input and participation in the decision.

Reflection Questions

  • Describe your experiences with a consensus approach to decision-making, even in a group that technically was voting.
  • Have you seen instances where there was not role clarity, and some who were invited to offer input misinterpreted what they were supposed to be doing?  i.e., were upset when their opinions and perspectives were different from the group’s decision about the way forward?
  • Comment on the ideas of honoring wisdom of all in the group, listening, and inward reflection.