Video Reflection Questions: Collaborative Decision Making Part 2

Collaborative Decision Making Part 2:  Role of Participants

Concepts Covered

All agree upon the decision–no winners or losers, seek perspectives from all, maintain relationships.

Outcome supported by all, especially outside the meeting and even if an individual disagrees.

  • Coming together as community to make a decision that is best for entity–decision belongs to group; group works together to think about a solution.
  • Requirements: come prepared; ready to engage in discussion; wait for facilitator to call on individuals; contribute your thoughts to collective through speaking to the Chair; openness to new ideas; speak and release (trust group to have heard it); listen deeply to others’ perspectives; and consider how to build on what others say–group must commit to process.
  • Value diversity of opinions–use disagreement as ways to learn and discern what is best for the entity–give-and-take in the meeting, not afterward in the parking lot.
  • To reach consensus, not everyone needs to agree (unity, not unanimity)–group is responsible for moving the process forward.

Reflection Questions

  • What might another participant do to encourage someone to speak up if they are silent and not engaging in a discussion?
  • Describe your experiences with participants supporting a decision outside the group that made the decision.
  • Share your thoughts about the difference between unity and unanimity.