Navigate the sea of responsibilities with support from FSA.

Directors of Nursing: struggling to navigate the sea of responsibilities?

Director of Nursing Development and Mentoring Program

Transitioning to a Director of Nursing (DON) position can be a big adjustment. Get the support you need to be successful.

You'll acclimate to your new role with the guidance of experienced professionals who have worked in the field. They know about the stresses and pressures that come along with being a DON, and will help you navigate the sea of new responsibilities. 

DON Consulting

NEW DONs: We've been there! Learn how we can help you.

STEP 1: Self-Assessment. You'll identify strengths and opportunities on our intake survey.

STEP 2: Initial Consultation. A deeper dive into your organization's practices and your own history. We'll use this time to develop a suggested plan of action.

STEP 3: Plan of Action and Agreement. We'll agree on a plan and begin our work together.

DEI Individual

Areas of Focus May Include:

The Unique Role of the DON 
The responsibilities of leadership. Building on your own strengths and those of your team members.

Relationship Building and Communication
Goal setting, tearing down silos, managing conflict.

Hiring, Staff Coaching and Competencies
Prerequisites, staying sharp, staff PPD

Policies and Procedures, Regulations and Quality Measures
Development and implementation of policies and staying on top of federal and state regulations.

Survey Readiness
Preparing your team, mock surveys.

Development of a corrective action plan, ongoing audits to stay compliant. 

Investigations and Reportable Events
Falls, abuse allegations, infections and more. Root cause analysis and coming full circle on investigations.

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