Individual Working for Change

Here are some suggestions if you are an individual who wants to help begin the DEI journey within your organization.


Connect with Organization Leaders

Is work being done at your organization that you may not know about? 

Check with leadership, especially your CEO and Human Resources, to see what, if any, efforts have been made to address DEI within your organization. Does a DEI task force already exist? Can you start one? Chances are, others like you would like to concentrate on equality. Sponsorship from your board of directors and senior leadership will help make a change in the whole organization. 

Create individual Change These are your own internal changes that don't require approval or input from others. What are some ways you can make change within your own sphere of influence? 

For example, if you are a supervisor with hiring responsibilities, commit to encourage a diverse range of applicants by sharing open positions to job posting sites or schools whose viewers might not be included in your organization's usual applicant pool. 

Some other ideas might be seeking out minority vendors for projects or starting an informal book club at lunch with other interested colleagues.

DEI Individual

Educate yourself  Take a class, read as much as you can, and watch videos to help inform your journey.  Here are some we recommend:

  • FSA Learning Labs. We offer monthly trainings year-round. Check out our sessions on Diversity.
  • FSA Fast Takes Videos. Short videos that cover a range of topics related to DEI and other organizational matters. Use the included discussion guides and quizzes to aid in conversation and promote further thinking. 
  • Take the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI). This assessment gauges your intercultural competence, which is the capability to shift cultural perspective and appropriately adapt behavior to cultural differences and commonalities. Contact FSA to take the IDI.

If you are a leader of color, join the LeadingAge Leaders of Color Member Network.

Seek peer support  Attend a Diversity Peer Group. Or, if you are a CCRC resident, go through your Residents' Council to find like-minded residents. 

Diversity Statement

Please contact us for more details about how FSA can help your organization foster a diverse, inclusive environment.