Karla Dreisbach

Vice President of Compliance

Karla has led the FSA Compliance Collaborative since 2007. She has worked in compliance since 2000 and has performed the role of Compliance Officer in single and multi-site organizations, often initiating the development of the program from the ground up.

Karla’s expertise includes assisting organizations in developing and implementing compliance programs that fit their size, culture, and resources. Karla’s experience includes partnering with organizations to navigate through difficult and complex compliance issues. Her experiences have included working with government agencies, including the Office of Inspector General, United States Attorneys’ Office, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, and state health and welfare agencies. She frequently speaks on compliance and other related topics at state and national conferences.

Karla is a Certified in Healthcare Compliance (CHC), Certified in Healthcare Privacy Compliance (CHPC), and Certified Compliance and Ethics Professional (CCEP). She is a member of the Healthcare Compliance Association and the American Health Lawyers Association.

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